a true gem

i live with a seven year old girl,
who is quite amazing and such a joy.
yesterday, she saw my tattoo
for the first time and asked why.

thinking she was too young to 'get it'
i simply said, "cause i like paperclips."
she responded, "i'll need a better reason than that!"

so here it is:

i need a constant reminder to be flexible in life.
to allow movement.
to give way to change.
to bend like the trees.
why? because it is the only way to be productive.
it is the only way to grow and serve out a purpose.

the paperclip, to me, is a pure example of this.
the bend gives it purpose - to hold things together.

plus, it's a pretty damn cool design.
i really do just like it.

photo (c) kimberly krauk of zoom photography



you are the boulder
that balanced the cold
her scale had stacked and saved.
smooth and sun-warmed you came.

heavy, you showed her
no need for a tease
as you balanced the noes
with a yes please.
cool and needed like rain.


i moved. again.

after a good friend said i'm the
"most moving" person she knew...
i laughed and shook my head yes.
i knew it was true.

which brought inspiration to the
"i moved. again." announcement.
pretty perfect my new street name
contains the appropriate word

photos by janean lesyk


love language

licking the sticky
paper cut tongue
this is how i send my love
a thousand words for one

(c) janean lesyk


AND ... she's back.

LIFE is what happens to you
while you're busy
making other plans.
[ john lennon ]

photo by JL


where do i sit?

Farmer's Market Chalkboard for LA Wedding
made for unscene
originally posted by parcel post


haiku #091809

breathing is made hard

my lungs are pushed without care
selfish swollen heart

(c) JL


i want sweetness...

... and nothing short of wonderful. (!)

* sticky pic found here


haiku #082709

the hairs on my arm
create a layer of glow
when the sun shines bright


check me out

this is my original biz card design -
inspired by libraries and dictionaries.
it all started by trying to think of a fun way
to show how to say my name.

(c) janean lesyk


haiku #082409

two bees on the mint
i crawl through the other side
morning maneuver

(c) janean lesyk


blacks and blues

(c) painting by janean lesyk


sketches for my sweetheart...

these are from my old sketchbook.
i just graduated high school and moved to charleston...
i was writing haiku poems, chasing my first love
and discovering myself.

(c) sketches by janean lesyk